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Gat Rimon

Stefanie ows her first fashionista emotions to thighboots created by her cobbler grandfather, to the Alaia dresses worn by her mo- ther, to the fascination of a child surrounded by femininity. The fascination became an inspiration.642-642

Alongside two close friends- Cynthia Pariente and Yael Benhini, Stefanie decided to pursue her dream: create a brand with affordable prices and offering every woman the elegance to adapt to each situation. Stefanie designs clothes that suit today’s woman. Chic, sexy and sensitive for women who lead their lives according to their beliefs and wishes.Gat Rimon is carried by this energy and requirement for quality, carefully looking after each step of the elaboration of her collections, choosing her materials and her collaborators eve

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n if she has to travel the world to find them.In her designs, she makes no concessions: timeless cuts, essential colours, quality materials, and most of all richness in detail… A mother of pearl button, an embroidery, lace, all these little things that transcend an outfit, change it, giving the woman wearing it the audacity and the freedom to aim higher.

What is Stefanie’s deepest wish? That the clothes she creates would be considered as basics, classical pieces that a mother will pass on to her daughter. Her next dream? A workshop with a big glass roof and more space to design her future collections. And dress every woman. Her, you, us642-647

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